This evening

This evening is going to be awesome! Because yesterday was Mum’s birthday, today we are going to have her cake. It should have been done yesterday, but, since today is  Friday, we will do it today. We will also have Qofte me buke (meat with bread, a.k.a. Beef burgers Albanian style), and a film night because it is Friday. I have to go now, because Amy is waiting for me to finish this and play World of Tanks.

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The end of the fun run

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The beginning of the fun run


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Jesus and Napoleon

Jonathan Downing 


Mr. Harniess 




17th November 2014 

Jesus and Napoleon


Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military leader who lived from August 15th 1769 to May 5th 1821. He reconstructed Paris, and made it a beautiful city, with lovely places to be and a much cleaner environment. Jesus is the basis of Christianity who lived on earth from 4 B.C. to 33 A.D. Let us look at how they compare.


Napoleon and Jesus, though they lived at very different times and with different worldviews, still had a couple of similarities. Napoleon and Jesus both thought that the Lord’s Prayer was beautiful, and truly holy and worthy of God. They also both acknowledged God as the almighty one. This is about as far as the similarities go. 


While Napoleon was a power-crazed warlord, Jesus was called the ‘Prince of Peace’. Napoleon had a less than happy view of women, and said that they were nothing but ‘machines for producing children’, whereas Jesus said that men and women are all equal in the eyes of the Lord. By the end, Napoleon was, in my opinion, completely mad. He sent boys and old men into battle against Austrians, English, Germans and more. I do not think he really cared anymore, because if he did then maybe he would have come to his senses. Jesus, on the other hand, was healing people and preaching about love. In my opinion, this separates Napoleon and Jesus to opposite ends of the spectrum. Jesus was called the prince of peace. Napoleon, on the other hand, essentially called himself a barbarian. I leave the final decision up to you, but in my opinion, Jesus and Napoleon were completely different people. 


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This morning, I was woken to Dad telling me I had 20 minutes to get up, get dressed, and ready to go running. How horrible after Friday night! We arrived and registeredI put on my t-shirt then went to the start.

The race was good fun, and around 1 km mark I found a good pace. At 2.6 km I met a Portuguese boy who went to T.I.S., our rivals in football. I chatted with him until the end of the 5 km race, when we went home. I will be uploading some videos of it in the next couple of weeks.

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Yesterday was pretty cool. However, it got off very badly. I had my language lesson in the morning, and I got 75 new vocab words to learn and 10 sentences to write. After that was finished, I went home briefly then caned it to school by myself, beating my record with an awesome time of 5:38!!! Straight away we had a french test, but I am pretty confident about it. At lunch time, we had a student council meeting. Can I just say that I think it is a really bad idea to put two 7th Grade boys in the top two spots, because the President just looks down on the other and silences him. Our last period was Maths. we had a tri-unit test, and I fell quite good about it. Chapel was after that, and the worship team lead it. we sung ‘Cornerstone’.

In the evening, we went to the British bonfire night, which was great fun. I got to burn all my school papers from last year, which was a definite plus!

Watch out for my next post on Monday about Saturday (today).

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