Sam up the cable car

This video was taken a long time ago. I have only just got around to posting it!

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Kosovo Tour

I took this in our house in Kosovo.

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School is Finished!!!

We just did our Christmas program, and now it is finished, we are on holiday. It was great fun. The 7th and 8th graders did a skit about why Jesus came into the world, and the sixth grade did some monologues. I had not heard them before, and so it was the first time hearing them and the lower school sing. Now we are on holiday, and so we won’t be going back to school until Monday 5th January. It is an emotional time. Looking back 1 year, I was playing the ‘complaining middle school student’ in a production that was like a natural talking thing. That was also when we said goodbye to Miss Saunders, and when Essi moved ‘across’ to what was the 5th grade.

Tomorrow afternoon I am going to Emily’s birthday party, and then in the evening we have a Strictly Come Dancing party at Matt and Susanne’s house, where we will all watch the final. On Tuesday, we have a party at our house.

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Amy and Me being random

We were just being silly, and I filmed this using our WebCam. I think it is cool!

WARNING: This video will not be able to play within the 45 minutes following this post being published. It will be available at 17:35 ENGLAND TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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From Montenegro

Mountain and Montenegro 032 This was taken in Montenegro earlier this year. It makes me shiver to look at all the swimming suits!

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The Park

We have all just come back from the Lake. We were there with some other kindergarten folks. It was a beautiful morning. I took lots of photos of the trees. Please find them below:

Kosovo and Park 023 Kosovo and Park 025 Kosovo and Park 032 Kosovo and Park 043

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Bowling in May

This photo was taken all the way back in May. If you look at the faces, you can see how much we have all changed.

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