As most of you will know, we moved house on the 27th August and are now living in a villa with temperatures of 30 degrees! we have seen some friends and are going swimming on Saturday 31st August with another family.

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The time has come!!!

We moved out of our house on Monday 19th Aug and are now staying at some friends’ house. it is less than one week until we go and the atmosphere is really tense!

I had my final sleepover with my best friend (he is known on the web/youtube as luckylewis5454) where we watched “Life of Pi” which I would give a 6/10, we went to the park, we walked the dogs and I said goodbye to his grandparents who I have come to know really well.

    If there are any Christians reading this then please can they be praying for us as we would be really grateful for it.


    Yours sincerely,

                                   The Downings