I’m outta here!!!!

Tommorow morning our team leaders, Fey and Murray, are taking me out of Albania to Kosovo for the weekend so that I can have a break from my sisters and family life. We also get to see some friends we knew from college which is great


Now I am Happy for the following reasons:

  1. I have had twenty likes on my blog,
  2. I have also joined the football team at school and we have a game next Thursday,
  3. I have no homework to do!
  4. I have just had a late dinner of yummy chicken with Mum and Dad
  5. I am now almost ready for early bed and huge lie-in tomorrow morning as we have late start on fridays!

Drain blockage

This morning, our drain got blocked and the mains water supply burst. Luckily, the neighbours had the right equipment so pretty soon the drain was fine and the water started draining into the sewer. As I write this I can see that there are some guys outside fixing the mains water which has stopped leaking and is almost back under control.