My Story. . . . .9/11/01

My Story. . . . .9/11/01.


4 thoughts on “My Story. . . . .9/11/01

  1. Thanks so much for the reblog! I am excited to see such a great blog by a 6th grader. I am a retired elementary teacher and a Christian. I would suggest that if you are interested you can go and poke around on my blog. My husband and I were in incredible India for 4 months with his architecture students. I loved India and you might learn some things or at least look at the pictures! Blessings….Namaste.. . . .Anne

      • Oh my….. this is the story I would tell my students each year. It is important not to forget! I always told them about growing up in Jim Crow South…Virginia…on MLK Jr.’a birthday. The little kids in AZ had no idea about any of that. I will write on this too, in January. Thanks for the encouragement!
        Namaste. . . .

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