Now I am Happy for the following reasons:

  1. I have had twenty likes on my blog,
  2. I have also joined the football team at school and we have a game next Thursday,
  3. I have no homework to do!
  4. I have just had a late dinner of yummy chicken with Mum and Dad
  5. I am now almost ready for early bed and huge lie-in tomorrow morning as we have late start on fridays!

6 thoughts on “Now I am Happy for the following reasons:

  1. I hope you enjoy your weekend. I know it is all so different. We think of you all the time hoping that it will all help to make you the person God wants you to be for Him. The rough & the smooth form the balance you need for maturity. All a bit philosphical for late at night, I know, but it is what I’ve learned. – I am trying to be serious because I made a joke online to my Rector this evening – & he took me seriously! ! Oops!

  2. It sounds a great evening & lovely to be old enough to have a late meal with mum & dad. I have promised Grandpa I’ll go a walk with him this afternoon so rushing to get everything done – service for Sunday, 3 washes, changing sheets, writing letters plus fielding the phone. Isn’t my life exciting?!!

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