At long last, after 10 months of waiting, I am at last closer to 1000 views than to 500. This is of course due to you guys so another big Thank you. I also know that people have been telling others about this as Lots of the views are from people who I didn’t give the web address to (Eg. My aunt Mary). Thanks AGAIN and keep on reading and commenting.

English Class

In class, as a joint English-Science project, the whole class is doing a different animal. I have picked a hedgehog, as they are very cute and fluffy prickly! I almost have 600 views on my blog so thanks for that. One of the reasons why I like hedgehogs is because when I was in year 4 (grade 3) Bobby (a very good friend) and I always used to play ‘hedgehogs’ as a fun game.

Days in bullet points:


  • Set off at 5am in the morning by jeep to go to Serande, a town 300km south of Tirana because this was the cheapest ferry to Corfu.
  • Arrived in Serande at 11am, in time to eat an early lunch then get the 1pm ferry to Corfu cruise port.
  • Got taxi to Park hotel. arrived there at 3pm greek time.
  • Slept!


  • Slept in until 8am!
  • Went to beach in the morning, small talk of speedboat hiring that afternoon.
  • Ate lunch at burger place.
  • Went swimming all afternoon first in sea then in outdoor hotel pool!
  • Ate late dinner then I went for walk with Dad.


  • Got early bus into Dassia.
  • Saw speedboat sign outside tourist office.
  • Went in and hired a boat!
  • Got to jetty
  • Had quick tutorial from owner.
  • Got out on the waves!
  • Went snorkelling in the shallow bit by beach.
  • Took boat back
  • Got back for beginning of conference
  • Had dinner with friends on the conference
  • Went to first teen group meeting at 8pm

This is all I can write for now as Mum wants me off the computer but I will write about the rest of the week ASAP, thanks for ur patience.

                           24th October

     I am back, but this time not in bullet points!

                      The rest of the week (apart from Friday which is listed below) was made out of groups and meals so, in short, let’s just say we all thought that the groups were AWESOME!!!!


  • At 8:30am, we met in the bar to discuss what we were going to say to the adults that evening in our presentation about what we had learnt.
  • At 9:00am, we had decided, after much discussion (everyone shouting their ideas at once), that we would do a talkshow interviewing Jonah, the whale Sheliqua, Ruth, Naomi, Boaz, Esther, Mordecai and Hamen, all from the bible stories we had done that week. all that was left to decide was who played the roles:
  1. Talkshow manager= Nathan
  2. Jonah= Joel
  3. Sheliqua= Morgan
  4. Ruth= Abigail
  5. Naomi= Lydia
  6. Boaz= Me
  7. Esther= (don’t know the name)
  8. Mordecai= Me
  9. Hamen= Josh
  • From 9:30am until 12:30pm we practiced the parts.
  • At 8pm, WE PERFORMED!!!!!!


The performance went really well.