Sorry again!

OK, so this time, I really am sorry.  So sorry that I have decided to write another post about it (this one).  The problem is that I am facing homework difficulties at school and doing homework at home which takes up your social life is almost as bad as detention, but not quite as bad.  I am starting to get a bit worried though because the lack of posts means less views which means less popularity, which is bad for business.

The term has just finished which means no homework!!!


One thought on “Sorry again!

  1. Oh dear, I’m really sorry if the number of blogs = popularity = bad business, I thought you just wanted to chat???

    Jonathan, my lovely boy, I’m teasing you in the way I do. Moving to secondary school does = BIG shift in activities, some good some not so good, guess ‘homework’ comes into the second category GRRRR!

    How did your end of term concert go? Hope to hear more in a little while when we skype.

    For now I’m writing a sermon — 2 Tim 2 8-15, Luke 17 11-19

    Speak soon.

    Lots of love Gran

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