A second detention :(

I got a second detention on Thursday-25th Oct-in music for incomplete homework. This is very annoying as it was a lovely day and I could have been playing basketball–yes Grandparents I do at last know how to play–instead of writing about music in film.


2 thoughts on “A second detention :(

  1. Hi Jonathan, was wondering if you’ve been listening to music in films with more interest since this detention? Some is really, really beautiful as well as being funny. Do you remember watching a bit of “Fantasia” in Salisbury and the mousie wizard for the Sorcerer’s Apprentice?? OR even Pops’ favourite film “The Wizard of Oz”— that has some great songs and background music.

    Hope this week will be detention-less. Lots of love Gran

  2. Well, dear one, all your grandparents love you just as much in detention & I am hoping that you will learn to ‘work the system’!! (Have another friend, a few years older than you, & he is discovering that can work. At least you go home each evening whereas he doesn’t.)

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