At long last, after 10 months of waiting, I am at last closer to 1000 views than to 500. This is of course due to you guys so another big Thank you. I also know that people have been telling others about this as Lots of the views are from people who I didn’t give the web address to (Eg. My aunt Mary). Thanks AGAIN and keep on reading and commenting.


3 thoughts on “600 VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. This is excellent Jonathan, very happy to contribute! I’ve been with Mary this weekend, she was really happy to have your blog details. We used to enjoy reading hers from The Gambia.

    We’re expecting mega-winds and torrential rain overnight and tomorrow morning, will keep Copper safely tucked up — she was seven years old last Monday, positively middle-aged for a dog!!

    Hope you have a detention-less week. God bless, Gran.

    • Jonathan, I am Reena s mum in USA and I remember you soooo fondly at Paul and Reenas party at your grandparents in Salisbury. You were a little tyke then but you were amazing just as now! Good good luck in the new life in Albania. I have been learning to paint and still have one of those white fluffy dogs we brought. One passed away at almost 16. Now our little guy Shanti is 15 and just fine. I am a dog/animal lover and also hope to be a painter! We are going to see Reena and Paul at Christmas here. Your grandparents will miss you so much, I’m sure…..I remember you so well. Take care! Candy

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