The winter months

As the Autumn takes a turn for winter we have started unpacking extra duvets and heaters. Mum also bought some hot water bottles for our beds! Two weeks ago I had a HUGE heater which was making my bedroom toasty, now, I have a small radiator next to my bed! Power cuts are becoming more frequent now and the other day we had to do family worship by torchlight which was fun. The power came back on halfway through so we switched off the lights and continued in darkness!

Our new house!

We moved into our new house one month ago and love it here. Amy and I have our own room which is great because I need the space for Lego! We are now able to cycle to school because we are closer and we even get to cycle over the old railway! It is now safe for me to cycle by myself around an area which Dad set the boundaries for a few weeks ago. We all love our new house apart from one bit (see other post-The winter months) and we will continue to unpack and find our things which have been brought out from Oxford!

I am SO sorry!

I have to write a big apology to everyone because I have been a terrible blog-writer. First of all, I haven’t written a post on my blog in ages about anything to do with Albania, and second I have prioritized writing on other peoples blogs which isn’t wrong, but I should have got my priorities right. I am sorry.

Today, we were skyping with both my Dad’s brother and my Mum’s mum which was great. Gran (Mum’s mum) asked if I had given up on my blog because I hadn’t been writing on it. I said that I would write an update this evening.