Today’s Post-Our performance!

Today we had a day off school because we had our Christmas program at a theatre thingy called Instituti in the centre of town.

The Lower school did ‘The Legend of the Christmas King’ which led right into the middle school performance which had no name and we made up ourselves.

The grand finale of the lower school one ended with two of the middle schoolers, Jonathan Tanke (Grade 7) and Rogier Boogard (Grade 6), each blasted a giant party popper! Everyone loved the sketches and said how good we were at the end!


6 thoughts on “Today’s Post-Our performance!

  1. It sounds a really enjoyable experience & good that you are working together. I have been putting up candles & balloons with ‘Jesus is the reason for the season’ in them around the church. We have 2 presentations – Sat/Sun at 7p.m. called Celebr8 Christmas, a presentation of music & drama which I put together. It is not a service but for anyone, aimed to help folk realise how relevant Christmas is – for us – for today. Lots of funny bits, but also some moving & some exciting. K & I are exhausted, but trusting …

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