Asthe title suggests, we have to lead school chapel tomorrow at a moments notice. Miss Thomson told us this morning! I have to stop now and practise…


You have not been rejected!

Sorry that I haven’t been posting, I had a sleepover on Friday as you know and school life fills in everything else! I do have some exiting news, though:

On Sunday, 2nd March The Worship Team have a performance at a church. We are singing the songs in Albanian which is hard for me! The hardest line is:

Që kur dielli té shkëlqejë


Miss Thomson said that if I manage to choke that down and swallow the next verse on time then She will Shake my hand in front of everyone!

Half-Day and SLEEPOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow we have parent conferences which means we have a half-day! This is great, but to top it off Joe, Samuel’s dad, called us 30 mins ago to ask if Tine and Samuel could come over tomorrow night. Amy’s party is on Saturday, which means we would take Tine straight to the party! See you soon!