Bribes payed with pocket money!

On Sunday morning, Dad and I went shopping to several shops. one of these was the market place. When we arrived, we spotted a parking place for our huge truck, so Dad began to move the vehicle in. As he was doing this, the security guy came over to us, while blowing his whistle. He told Dad that he could not park there, but he would show Dad a place where he could park. The guard opened up a gate and showed us a spot. Dad was reluctant, as he was sure we would be charged for it, but how do two humble foreigners say ‘no’ to a security guard?


30 minutes later, we came back laden with shopping. We loaded up the truck, and were just pulling out of the gate, when the security guard came over to us and said ‘where’s my money?’ Dad then asked ‘How much do you want?’ and the security guard said ‘Mmm, 200 leke’ When translated, this is about £1.25. Dad then said, ‘What, for half an hour?’ So the guard said, ‘OK, 100 leke.’ When translated, about 55p. Dad had no money, so he asked me. I handed over a 200-leke note which was my pocket money, and he payed the guard with it! Dad payed me back of course, but it was still funny!


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