A standard day at ECM conference for me

7:30am Wake up and get dressed

8:00am Go downstairs for breakfast

8:45am Go up to room, pick up stuff and go to main room where seminars happen

9:00am Worship kicks off

9:30am Leave hall with other teenagers and go to group in a seperate building

11:00am Coffee break, write on blog

11:25am Go back to groups

11:30am Split into smaller discussion groups and talk about bible readings

12:45pm Wrap up of Groups

1:00pm Eat lunch

1:30pm Free time, go swimming, socialize

4:00pm Go back to group for outdoor games and sitting round a campfire singing songs without the campfire

6:00pm Dinner, scoff your face, Eat as quickly as possible

6:30pm Go swimming with teen group

8:00pm Go back to group and play card games, or Mafia (An awesome game)

11:00pm Go back to main building, hang around and chat

11:30pm Go to bed


14 thoughts on “A standard day at ECM conference for me

  1. Jonathan Downing — am going to have to speak to your parents about —- ????

    Am thrilled that you’re having such a good time, enjoy and cherish each moment!

    Lots of love


    Ps hope you recognise when you’re being teased.

    • It is a very complicated game, Where there are lots of people involved.

      4 Mafia
      1 Doctor
      4 Hunters
      12 Villagers
      1 Narrator
      1 Cupid
      1 King

      Each of these have VERY different roles, which I shall explain when I get back to school!

  2. No mention of sleep! Hope you were not too excited to manage some at least. (Your uncle, Benjamin, always says ‘time enough to sleep when you are dead’.) A bit gruesome but I think he really means is,
    ‘Love God & live life to the full!’
    Well, that’s my plan anyway. Love you lots, xs

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