I am probably the most tired person on the face of the earth currently, apart from everyone else who is more tired than I am.
This past week has been brilliant fun. Amy and I went to the climbing camp thing at rock Tirane, and it was great fun! I have made some new friends, but also Emily and Nicola were there. On Wednesday we went to the Big lake, where we did some orienteering in two teams. We also played capture the flag, and lost miserably against the adults because no one listened to each other until the final round, by which time it was too late. Yesterday (Friday) we went to Petrela to do bouldering. It was great fun, but I got pretty badly hurt on some of the rocks. My legs are now decorated with some purple bruises! Next week also the climbing club will be on.
Today, I have 8.5 hours of boredom to kill before we go to Kartodrom at 17:00. I am really looking forward to it, because also Amy and Rebekah get to come! I am hoping to take Amy in a two-seater. Afterwards, I am going to Rogier’s house for a sleepover!

Strange things…

Sometimes, on my blog, you will see what should be a picture, but instead there is nothing. You can tell if a picture is meant to be there when the thing on the right has a symbol of a picture. When this happens, please write a comment on that post saying that there is no picture. I will delete that post, then hopefully upload the picture again! Thank you!