The Wedding-A post intended for a teacher…

Hello Everyone!

Well, we got back this morning into Tirana International Airport around 11o’clock, all of us tired after just three hours of sleep last night. The journey was somewhat long, but I asked my Dad if I could buy an English magazine to take back to Albania last Wednesday, and he bought me one about Minecraft Cheats! I read it all through the journey.

We arrived at the church in the early hours of Saturday afternoon. The gates were meant to open at 2p.m., but it was not until 2:15 that they did. I helped look after Sam, which was quite boring, but soon I offloaded him to my Mother. At 3p.m., the service began.

Afterwards, there was tea and cake, as well as coke and Fanta. When everyone had had their fill and they were closing up the church, we left.

At the Reception, I sat and chatted with the most fun part of the family, the Giles(eses). I have to say that, Kathryn is reading this! We had a great laugh, and we stuck stickers onto each other’s backs.

Benjamin gave a wedding speech, which was very funny and full of good quotes.

Everyone had a great time and I was very sad to leave everyone!


I hope to be writing another blog post soon about our schedule while we were in England, but for now, I am just going to write about the wedding, also one about the quotes. I took many pictures, and my prize one will be appearing if I get permission to show it…


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