This is what we all yelled today at 12:12 pm Albanian time (+01:00). It was at the end of the spring fling, and I am very sad to be saying goodbye to all my classmates, a third of which will not be returning in September! Also, The Wheelises (Austin and Tyler and Mrs. Wheelis) and the Kukelis (Dea and Anita) are going back to America, which means that the worship team for next year currently consists of me, me, me and Mrs. Thomson. Though probably there will be some more people coming. I am so upset! 


3 thoughts on “SCHOOL’S OUT FO…

  1. Hi Jonathan, I’m sharing your sadness at missing friends and your gladness at it being holidays. As for the Worship team — we do know God always provides what’s best for us, even if it’s at the last minute! There’s a lovely story by Corrie Ten Boom about exactly that, remind me to tell you it sometime. Lots of love and Happy Holidays!, Gran

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