Strange things…

Sometimes, on my blog, you will see what should be a picture, but instead there is nothing. You can tell if a picture is meant to be there when the thing on the right has a symbol of a picture. When this happens, please write a comment on that post saying that there is no picture. I will delete that post, then hopefully upload the picture again! Thank you!


One thought on “Strange things…

  1. Hello Jonathan,

    I’m still not getting this picture BUT I did see Bill and Drake, guess that’s the most important — and your class. I hope you’re all having a fun weekend, it sounds as though you are.

    This afternoon my local church has one of the monthly Messy Church events, today is the parable of the two houses, one built on sandy soil the other on rocks, you’ll know it well. I’m taking our sand tray with very dry sand — God has been very gracious giving us really hot weather so that it’s completely dry – someone else is taking theirs but water will be added so ‘houses’ can be built, none in mine I’m afraid!!

    There’s going to be a bouncy castle as well as other actual building activities. I’m responsible for the Prayer Wall, with the help of a friend we’ve got loads of ‘bricks’ on which everyone can write, or draw, a prayer. These can be stuck on the ‘wall’ until it’s built — I’m hoping that this will remain standing otherwise it’ll need firmer foundations, perhaps I should take some rocks to put around the base — now there’s a thought!

    Perhaps we’ll get to chat on Monday. I’m having a treat this week, am going to London for Tues/Weds!!!

    Please say ‘hi’ to everyone for me,

    Lots of love


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