200 posts!

The last post was my 200th post on this blog. Thank you all!


One thought on “200 posts!

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for vimeos, have forwarded to Pops, Paul and Mary — Judith still doesn’€™t have a computer and I a€™m not sure if her phone will cope.

    It all looks really scary but your coach is obviously well experienced, guess it’s perfect having such a dry climate — at least at this time of year.

    We’ve having a thunder storm so Copper has curled up just behind Pops’ chair, we all got VERY wet at the allotment!

    Did I catch sight of your friend Emily in one of the vimeos, no 1 I think? You’’ be pleased to have company, as well as Amy that is. Cpme to think of it you’ll all probably be out by now go-karting, hope you all have lots of fun.

    God bless,


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