I just wanted to write.

I just thought it might be nice to write a post. Thought it would be a good idea!

We went to the beach the other day, and I swam a long way out! As soon as you swim beyond the little bay, the water gets very cold and there are some strong currents. It was good fun, and soon I hope to get an underwater camera so that I can take shots below as well as above!

I just bought our morning snack. Croissants! We get them from a local bakery and they are absolutely scrumptious!



On Wednesday night, I had a sleepover with Samuel and Rogier. That night, we watched ‘stormbreaker’. Yesterday morning, we went hiking up the mountain to the same place that I did at the end of the year. We made a campfire, and let off loads of bangers! On the way back down, Rogier Made a tree fall down, unfortunately over the path! I then got a great idea to make a wall of fire. I will put the video on my blog soon.