Trip up the mountain today!

Check out these photos!Mountain Trip 10-7-14 014 Mountain Trip 10-7-14 013 Mountain Trip 10-7-14 009 Mountain Trip 10-7-14 008 Mountain Trip 10-7-14 004 Mountain Trip 10-7-14 005 Mountain Trip 10-7-14 006 Mountain Trip 10-7-14 007 Mountain Trip 10-7-14 003 Mountain Trip 10-7-14 001


One thought on “Trip up the mountain today!

  1. Dear Jonathan, gosh it looks as though you’ve all been really busy- having fun! That’s excellent news. I love the pictures of everyone in the paddling pool, including you!

    Copper is feeling ‘light- headed’ she had her hair cut on Monday, it’s VERY short but just right in the heat. It’s nowhere near as hot here as in Tirana although it’s due to around 25 in London tomorrow, and raining! I’m going to a Conference there then meeting Mary for supper afterwards.

    Will you be heading for the hills again at the weekend I wonder, or maybe to a swimming pool? With all this outdoor activity are you finding time to read – for pleasure, not work! Hope to skype soon, Lots of love Pat

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