I am Sick!

Although the news of Montenegro is great, I have some sadder news.

Last night was very disturbed as I threw up 3 times in the early hours of this morning. It definitely has ruined my final day in Albania. It was first time I have ever consciously remembered being sick in Albania, as Mum and Dad tell me I vomited back in October, but I have no memory!


It was very interesting to see what I eat in comparison to England. It seems that I have a dairy-based diet, though I would never of guessed it! My vomit was yellow and creamy, but in England it has always been green or brown!


2 thoughts on “I am Sick!

  1. Yuk! Dear, dear Jonathan, I’m so sorry. Hope you get steadily better during today.

    I’m sitting in a cafe on Cannock Chase, have has a lovely walk through the village where I was born- actually the village itself no longer exists, fortunately there are still some of ‘my’ special trees there so I can identify everywhere. It would be great to take you there some day. Hope you get well Very soon. Lots of love Gran Sent from my iPad


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