Hi guys,

Today after school we went round to the Moretons’ house because Dad was running late. They have their new dog, Bosco, and he is absolutely crazy. As soon as I got in, he came to my feet, and started yapping at me. I sat down, and he jumped into my lap and started nibbling affectionately. According to Pops that is his way of kissing me. It is actually a rather ticklely massage as well. He was really cool. He is just a puppy, and seems to like growing long hair. Sort of like the way teenagers are portrayed. Quite funny. I will try and get a picture ASAP


4 thoughts on “Bosco

  1. Hi Jonathan

    Tickly dog indeed!! Bosco sounds lots of fun. Pops tells me you’ve acquired another cat, does it have a name yet??? We’ve a rather unhappy Copper at the moment, she most definitely does NOT like fireworks or anything else that goes bang + she’s not talking to me because I’ve been away, that’s a real shame. She doesn’t yet know that I’m away again from next Monday!!

    Thank you for the doodle video, doodling is a favourite occupation and can be very creative, wonder if that’s how Modern Art began? I didn’t learn about the Fibonacci code until I was a grown-up so I’m mightily impressed. Your football games also sounded fun. Pops has been following Southampton’s progress in the league table, they seem to be doing fine.

    Thank you for telling me that Amy will be at her first school council on Thursday, I’ll aim to write to her tomorrow. Hope it goes well for you all — big responsibility for you.

    Loads of love, hugs and prayers.


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