A nice post

I want to be able to maintain a nice long streak, so here is a nice post. Also, as it is N.Y.E., I should write.

This morning I scootered over to the Morton’s house to pick up my bike, then went on to KMY to meet Dad. KMY is like the equivalent of the Co-op, or a small supermarket. We just did a 3-day-shop, because we will go again on Saturday, and we were very low on supplies. More importantly, we bought chocolate spread and PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!! I have not had it in, er…4 days? It was so nice to have it at lunch!

And now, my fingers are freezing and I can see my breath in the air, even though I am inside. It is so cold! We bought a gas fire yesterday, but, up here, I cannot feel any of its warmth.

This evening we will let off some fireworks, then go to bed. The plan is for Dad to wake us up at midnight, so that we can see the fireworks but still get lots of sleep.


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