Well, today is a normal Friday. However, we did have a French test today. I did pretty well, however, due to time I missed a 9-mark question. Considering that the test had 60 marks, this is not good!

Still, Tonight I shall cope with it by going into depression and drinking lots of coke, and feeling miserable. NOT. I am not that sort of person. I will ignore it until Wednesday, in the meantime eating shume qofte (lots of meat). We also have a film night!

Many happy days to you all,

Jonathan Downing



As it is a Friday, that means we have a film night. Amy is away at a friend’s house, so that means that it will just be Rebekah and me, along with Mum and dad, this evening. I have not found any good films.

Right now I am by myself. This is because Mum phoned the office at about 14:30, and told them that i could go home by myself. Dad is finishing a Medical Talk, and Mum went to pick Rebekah up from Kent and Angie’s house, where she walked after school.

Now, after publishing these posts, I am going to sit back, play games, and read my library books.

2 YEARS!!!!!!

On this day, two years ago, I was walking back from school to All Nations Christian College, and I told Dad about what we were doing in ICT Class, which was making a website. I suggested that we should have one as a family, and he agreed, and said that I should write it. It is what you are now reading! It seems amazing how it has grown. I now have 4038 Views on it! Wow.

Thank you all for your dedication to this Blog,

Jonathan Downing

Chief Editor


Today, we went up the mountain to the place where we went with the Bowers. As you can see, we had quite the time! Samuel and Jin Seok built the fire, and I lit it and provided the sciencey tactics of how best to make it ignite…However, as soon as we got it started, it was time for us to go home in order to eat lunch! A great shame. Still, worth the photo!


Work out the above equation when S=Sleepover…………….Double sleepover!

Samuel and Jin Seok are both coming round tomorrow night. The only thing to ruin it is the algebra test we have last period. As simple as it looks, I just cannot get the hang of complex simplification! I can do stuff like a+a+a+a, but on stuff like 6(a+2y)-7(2x-3y), even though I know the theory, I always go wrong somewhere. It is so annoying!


For all you veteran readers of this here blog, Friday means 4 things: Language lesson, Student Council meeting, Worship Team, and Film night.

I am not going to talk about all of these things, because a)language lesson was pretty boring, and b)the only thing that happened in student council that was nice was the early finish (very boring meeting, nothing important), which meant that we could go outside and have recess with the lower school! That is how the timing works. C), chapel was normal.

Film night! We are going to watch Toy Story 3, which I have seen before, but the girls haven’t. Personally, I really dislike it, but, hey, I get to watch Catching Fire (courtesy of Laolao and Grandpa’s Christmas present) tomorrow night.