ICT class

Today, in ICT, we did some computer programming, and each made a website using notepad. It is acutally quite fun, programming a website from a blank piece of paper. I have made another one at home, but only I can view it. Sorry!


One thought on “ICT class

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    That’s really very impressive! Were you able to choose your own content for the programme or is that already decided? Or am I misunderstanding and you’re still working at setting up a system?

    Mary helped me sort out one or two ‘evils’ I was having with my laptop at the weekend, mainly by using Google to find the answer — I hadn’t thought of doing that. My next task is to try to integrate a clip from UTube into a power-point presentation for church on Sunday, it has to be possible but — is this the sort of thing you’ve learnt at conferences when you’ve been helping with media presentations???

    Pops and I are going to London by train tomorrow, we’re heading for Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. During the afternoon Copper will have to be walked by the dog-walker (good idea really, having an elephant-walker might not work!).

    I hope you have a good day at school, enjoy whatever comes along.

    Lots of love


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