As it is a Friday, that means we have a film night. Amy is away at a friend’s house, so that means that it will just be Rebekah and me, along with Mum and dad, this evening. I have not found any good films.

Right now I am by myself. This is because Mum phoned the office at about 14:30, and told them that i could go home by myself. Dad is finishing a Medical Talk, and Mum went to pick Rebekah up from Kent and Angie’s house, where she walked after school.

Now, after publishing these posts, I am going to sit back, play games, and read my library books.


2 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. You lucky lad!

    Well done on your skills with using the web so effectively. I think it’s amazing.

    Wonder which film you might find for this evening? I shall need you to demonstrate how to download films when you’re here — please. So far I’ve not had the courage to even try!!

    I’m going to join you by sitting and reading next, Pops has just gone to the pet-food store then will take Copper for a walk: it’s VERY cold BRRRRRR

    Lots of love


    Ps hope to chat over the weekend sometime

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