An update on my life

First life lesson: Do not, ever, under any circumstances, put into youtube ‘most watched video of all time’. It comes up with some things that, really, are just sad that they were put on in the first place, and even more so that 7 million people took it upon themselves to actually WATCH it.

Anyway, my first two days back at school have been cool. Soccer, especially, has definitely got better. Today, I made two fantastic moves that involved me intercepting a ball in midair, and almost breaking (exaggeration) my foot intercepting one of Carry’s legendary wall-thumping ‘passes’. Such fun! Class has also been good, and in ICT we are each making a website using ‘Serif WebPlus Starter Edition’, which is far too complicated for me (wordpress is so much easier).

Life goes on, closer to my birthday (129 days, not that I’m counting or anything), and more days in Albania (500 on Friday).  I am currently not feeling exited about any major event, and so I am focusing on the present. It is strange for me, but I am doing it!

Well, I am trying to make this post 200 words, and I need another 8. I love God and my relatives so much.