A quick update

Hello to all ye people and readers of thy bloggy thingy,

I just watched THE MOST amazing video ever, of a nice guy with a cool beard climb the frozen area around the Niagara Falls. It makes me marvel at how beautiful our world is, and how powerful the maker is!

School has been good today, with a Student Council Meeting at lunchtime, and a maths test last period. I miserably failed on how to work out the equation of a straight-line graph, and now I remember exactly. Still, I got back the french test that you may remember from last week, and I got an A. We also took a Science test on Wednesday, and I got 97%. It turns out that the 8th graders also took the exact same test today, and so we could compare answers before the end of school. Comment dit-on? C’est tres amusant!

Anyway, tonight Miss Morrow is coming to our house for the film night+qofte, as she did a while back, and so now I have to go out and buy the bread for that. I am not sure what film we will watch, because we were due to watch Lady and the Tramp, but with Miss Morrow here, there is a large possibility that we will instead do Matilda. Personally, I would like to watch School of Rock again, but, sadly, it is far too old for Amy and Rebekah…

Bye Bye!!!

p.s. The photo was just taken 2 seconds ago.


3 thoughts on “A quick update

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Sounds like a thoroughly good week! Well done with French — tr`es jolie bon! — can’t quite get the accent in the correct place —

    Have a really good evening.

    Lots of love


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