Worship Team song

We are preparing for Friday’s chapel, and this is the song we are doing. It is my first time that I have ever heard it, but I think it is very emotional…Kind of, in a weird way, if you know what I mean…


4 thoughts on “Worship Team song

  1. Yes, my love, it is. I have great respect for Matt Redman, his spirituality & music, but sometimes think some of his songs are easier led by him or for our own private worship & hard to translate for a wider congregation. That certainly happens in our church. However, I do love amny of his, including ‘Here I am to Worship’ which I have used as an intro to a service.

    Anyway, i hope it went wel & that you have a good w/e. luv!

  2. That’s true, but reading the whole of Psalm 84, esp final vs is really such an encouragement to keep on keeping on walking in the light of the Lord — my favourite psalm with a similar theme is Ps 27. I really love that.

    Time to make supper, Pops is just back with Copper!

    Lots of love


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