The weather is nice and life is good. Dad is just going out now to take some rubbish to the bins, and also buy some pre-ordered (thanks to guess-who, the Humble One) croissants.
Anyway. This past week ain’t been too bad. I did a couple of splendid handballs, one of which I was then made to be the only wall for the free kick. I proceeded to lie down on the field, to minimize damage to my cranium and glutimus maximus. On Wednesday, we just did paperwork in worship team, because Friday was a half-day. Miss Thomson had brought in cinnamon rolls, and they were to die for, if I wasn’t a christian. Friday was a half-day, because of parent confrontations, so that meant I could come home early, and lounge about.
The only bad thing about the week was that Amy and Rebekah were sick. Rebekah was off on Wednesday, and Amy was off on Thursday. Then, they were both off on Friday. Amy still has a fever, and is asleep, but Rebekah has made a full recovery from (I think) tiredness.
This afternoon I am going cycling out with a friend, because our normal Sunday is due to be wet. You can see our route in the link below:
I don’t know what the next week entails, but I will try to keep you up to date!

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