Here is a collection photos and videos of our conference in Durrës:

Playing on the beach, with the Mortons:

Priske 5, Durrës conference 019
Looking towards the port
Priske 5, Durrës conference 010
The dining hall
Priske 5, Durrës conference 009
Homework central
Priske 5, Durrës conference 017
Us on the beach
Priske 5, Durrës conference 014
Rebekah and Amy dig some holes…

Priske 5, Durrës conference 016 https://vimeo.com/123495533



This morning, I led devotions for my class. I was talking on the subject of ‘Jesus the Lamb’. It wasn’t bad, but there is definitely room for improvement! At break time, football was epic! I did a great clearance, that Johnny shot right back, hitting me at 1.5 metres, on my left shoulder. Jin Seok made an excellent kick that went from his goal, brushing the overhead net, straight to the opponent’s goal. Unfortunately, it rebounded centrally off the crossbar! A wasted opportunity, in which physics is to blame…


Today, we went up the mountain to Triada hotel. Here is a shot I took. It was extremely windy, but the visibility was excellent, the best I have ever seen. We could also see the site of Amy’s birthday party for next week. It is on the same hill as the one that is shown in the link (https://jonathandowning.wordpress.com/2015/01/17/today-4/), but a different part. I will upload some photos soon!