Sorry this post is so late. I have been so busy!

Sam enjoys some chocolate…


Ksamil 060
An amphitheatre, from roman and greek times. Taken in Butrint.


Ksamil 073
Gravel hides a mosaic. The pillars are all that is left of the baptistry.


Ksamil 113
Don’t you just love border crossings?



2 thoughts on “Ksamil

  1. No worries Jonathan, it’s always good to hear from you.

    Did you know that I love mosaics, their intricacy fascinates me — there’s an ancient one in Jordan depicting the old city of Jerusalem which I’m determined to see one day.

    And yes, I LOVE border crossings! Just got a new passport so I wonder which will be the first stamp!

    Pops says we’re going to skype tomorrow, will look forward to that.

    Lots of love


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