While we are in the UK, Dad is working in Brighton for a couple of weeks. My grandparents live near Brighton, so Dad is staying with them. And I am there too (hence the title, Rest and Recuperation) Because Dad is away during the day, I get them all to myself. Mum is coming with the others on Thursday, but I still get plenty of time!

Only bad thing is that I have a cough. Every time I cough (which is often), Laolao threatens me with a cough sweet that tastes like the wax works in the recreation of the trenches in the Imperial War Museum. You don’t know it unless you’ve been there!

Anyway, I am having great fun. Yesterday I went for a cycle with Grandpa up Highdown, and we found some blackberries and some ginger beer at a pub. Also, there is a new (well, past two years) BMX track around the skate bowl, and Grandpa and I decided to be adventurous on the way home, so we had a go!

Today, we have been to Portsmouth, a mere 50 minutes on the train. Grandpa and I went aboard the HMS Victory, which was Nelson’s flagship. We met up with Laolao, who had been in Gunwarf Quays, and went to Cafe Rouge for lunch. I had the chicken goujons and a pint of coke! After lunch, we went up Spinnaker Tower, and I died of fright on the glass floor. Got some good pictures, see below…


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