Today, we went up a hill. I took a couple of great videos, that I thought you would like to see. We also celebrated Sam’s 3rd birthday today, despite the fact that it was on Monday!

Sam’s Dancing is awesome…

When the rain comes…


One thought on “Today

  1. Hi Jonathan, It sounds as though you’ve had a fun week in EP, I’m really pleased about that.

    Unfortunately since moving to our bungalow we’ve been without an Internet connection, I’m relying on my iPad, and my mobile phone packed on Sunday! I’m hoping to get into town to fix it today. All should be well early next week — by then you’ll be in Spain.

    Apart from that we’re loving being here, Copper is back with us and has discovered she can still sleep under my desk! I’ll walk into town this morning past the Old Mill and along the Town Path with its spectacular view of the Cathedral, I’ll try to send a video, guess not today though.

    I think you’re back to Oxford sometime today, maybe we could FaceTime later? Enjoy whatever the day brings. Lots of love Gran

    Sent from my iPad


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