Spain and Murder

Spain is awesome! I am loving being able to catch up with friends, and try great new foods (Grandpa will be pleased). One of the best parts is that dinner is at 20:30, and when we are finished, we sit on the sofa and floor and, with either Maarten, Rosie, or Ben on guitar, we pick random songs and sing them. Then, at 21:30, we play group games. Last night, we played a new one, called ‘Murder in the Dark’. To begin with, we get a pack of cards, and pick out one ace and eleven other random cards. They are shuffled, and passed out. the person who gets the ace is the ‘Killer’, and keeps it secret. Then, the lights go out, the creepy horror music goes on, and people move around. The killer tries to kill people by dragging his/her hand over other people’s necks. because it is dark, nobody can see the bodies on the floor, and everyone is very scared at the same time! When somebody finds a body, they yell ‘body! body!’ and the nearest person to the switches puts on the lights. Then, the remaining people alive try and find who the killer is, while the body goes to the ‘morgue’. the people alive vote on who they think the killer is, and then the person with the most votes is hung, and tells the people whether or not he/she is the killer. If he/she is the killer, the game resets. If not, the person is dead, and goes to the morgue. Meanwhile, everyone else does round two, and so on. It is so scary to be in the dark, seeing only vague silhouettes!


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