Back Home

I arrived back home late on Saturday, and I am very sad to be back 😦 However, Facebook messaging works great! First time I have been able to use it, as before I was not old enough. We had a great time, and I was able to download some photos from Facebook (long may it live) and take some of my own…

Group Photo
On Tuesday, we went to a Go-Ape style thing. Here is the photo…
Ron’s barbecuing skills were amazing! such great food…
Friday night, we did an All-Nighter. This was 5am in the morning!
Flaming toilet roll
Survival Skills with Ron-Alcohol is my new best friend! That’s rubbing alcohol, nothing else…
Swimming Pool
Swimming on Monday…

One thought on “Back Home

  1. Hi Jonathan, This all looks great. Very glad you had such a good time although we missed seeing you in Salisbury! Actually we needed some of your Spanish weather, too much rain here last Wednesday and today! Not sure if we’re going to get to chat before you leave tomorrow, guess you’re all really busy with packing and saying fare-well to friends, we’ll catch up once more in Tirana if that I’m sure.

    Pops now walking Copper on very soggy water meadows, but they both send their love! My love as ever, Gran

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