O, Shqiperia

After an Odyssey worth telling if someone can be bothered to sit down and tell it, we are now back ‘home’, safe and sound. The kittens have grown up so much! Anyway, good to be back. I will service my bike tomorrow, and have a ‘welcome home’ cycle. Makes me realize just how lost we were two years ago, on Tuesday the 27th August! The tuesday part is today, but the 27th part isn’t until Thursday…

I still remember walking to Conad on our first full day in Tirana, and buying school supplies. Granted, they broke within the first month, but it was still one of our first adventures! That, and, of course, going to our local shop for bread and trying not to get given a newspaper instead…

p.s.Almost at 5000 views! Keep going…


One thought on “O, Shqiperia

  1. Pops and I would love to hear your Odyssey but then of course you’d need to feel it worth telling. Very glad to hear you’re safely home. Enjoy your cycle ride tomorrow. Lots of love Gran

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