I had forgotten how much I love school. I really do! It is a great oppertunity to see friends, and the new young american teachers always make me laugh. I have been enjoying seeing friends again, and getting beaten up for erasing Samuel’s hippo off the board. Football is great now that I am in eighth grade. despite the fact that everyone in my class is taller than me, I am still very big, and I kind of feel sorry for the kindergarteners and first graders when we play tag. I have to make sure that I tag them lightly or else I feel like I could push them over!

I am also aceing all my classes, but you all knew that anyway…



So, back at school now. I love being able to catch up with friends, and it makes me realise just how much they mean to me. And, above all, I now realise just how much I missed playing dirty football! Almost no rules, there are no outs, and the goalie has no rights, other than that he can use his hands.

Such Fun!