So, back at school now. I love being able to catch up with friends, and it makes me realise just how much they mean to me. And, above all, I now realise just how much I missed playing dirty football! Almost no rules, there are no outs, and the goalie has no rights, other than that he can use his hands.

Such Fun!


One thought on “School

  1. Dirty football indeed! Is this my beloved grandson speaking???? My brother would not have approved (he was a good footballer, played in lots of teams right from being a schoolboy), actually he probably would have been secretly very please!

    Pops and I are really glad you’re happy to be back at school, it’s been quite a transition time for you, well done for coping so well.

    We’re enjoying being in our new home, I’ll take you on a skype guided tour sometime. It’s wonderful having a ‘proper’ garden once more i.e. one on the level, and also having a large conservatory. We ate supper in there this evening and I use it for my morning prayer time when the sun comes in rising from the east — that’s the best time.

    Pops is due to go into hospital on Monday for knee surgery, please keep him in your prayers. I’ll be in touch with Mummy about how it all goes, for now,

    enjoy your Sunday,

    Lots of love


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