I had forgotten how much I love school. I really do! It is a great oppertunity to see friends, and the new young american teachers always make me laugh. I have been enjoying seeing friends again, and getting beaten up for erasing Samuel’s hippo off the board. Football is great now that I am in eighth grade. despite the fact that everyone in my class is taller than me, I am still very big, and I kind of feel sorry for the kindergarteners and first graders when we play tag. I have to make sure that I tag them lightly or else I feel like I could push them over!

I am also aceing all my classes, but you all knew that anyway…


One thought on “School

  1. You are so fortunate to be having such a good school experience. We met someone the other day who did not. In fact she did not know she could enjoy life until she left! How sad! Especially poignant for grandpa & for me as we spent so much of our lifes encouraging & enjoying children’s learning. There will be difficult times but you will have much to overbalance that. Love & prayers

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