Mali i Zi

15 hours of sitting in the car over a period of two weeks, entirely with my family and with no friends. It was actually fun!

The holiday was great. We were facing the fjord of Kotor, behind it the red-roofed old town, built at the base of a very large mountain. this was our view for two weeks, and I had become accustomed to waking up to see large mountains looming over me outside my window. We climbed up to the fortress that covers part of the mountain opposite our house, but it felt like a long way up and a lot of stairs! My knees were knocked out by the time we got down again…

We also found some good beaches, hired some bikes, and found some succulent burgers, as well as giant size chocolate bars. I bought two with my holiday money. It’s amazing what you can get for 5 euros!

It was a very good holiday, but I am definitely ready to return to school, and see my friends again-I have missed them so much! I am glad that clause is now the past perfect…

Cruise ship-an everyday sight!
A church in the middle of the Old Town square
your standard, run-of-the-mill chapel found out in the middle of a field.
The next challenge, for another time!
The view from the path up to the fortress, looking back towards our house, across the red-roofed old town of Kotor.