Ice Skating


This morning, We left Sam with his childminder and went ice skating! It was Rebekah’s first time, and she struggled a bit. She went off with mum, and scoped out the various cafes in the same building. Amy had a ball! It was great to see her loving it, a child out of my own heart…

When we had finished, we went to a cafe with mum and Rebekah. Amy and I had two very large ham sandwiches, and Rebekah and dad shared qofte and potatoes. We also had drinks, and I took a rather funny photo, that Coca-Cola and Pepsi would hate to see…

Now we have lunch, then a quiet afternoon.


Albanian Dancing

Sorry-This post is two days overdue!

On Sunday, our church celebrated its 20th Anniversary. It was great fun, and after the special service there was three hours of Albanian dancing. Although the dancing just looks like people walking in a circle, there is actually a foot pattern. My bad filming, however, means that you cannot see it! I filmed 30 seconds of one dance, and have uploaded it to YouTube. Here it is though for your convenience:


Tonight, I am going to watch the first part of mockingjay with my parents. There are three books in the Hunger Games Trilogy (funnily enough), and this is the third film. However, Hollywood couldn’t get enough of the Box Office, and so, like the Harry Potter franchise, there are two parts to the last film. I am looking forward to it very much!

Here is the link to the trailer:

Obama the Polar Bear

In school, we have a large lineup of mascots. Obama is our latest. He is a polar bear, and got his name…It’s a long story. He also happens to be a Republican. Don’t ask why! He now has an official Facebook page, and a Twitter page. It’s all good fun, and the hashtag is #obamagdq. If you want to, you can like/follow the pages by the links below. His pages will get more interesting soon, when we can get some photos of him…



It’s Friday…

Wow. I’m amazed that it is already Friday. The week seems to have gone by so quickly! We had a fun biology lesson today, dissecting flowers, and comparing insect distributed to animal distributed seeds, and how that changes the flower’s properties. We also had our first lunch with some of the high schoolers, which wasn’t as terrible as I had originally thought.

It is also mum’s birthday today, and Friday, which means Qofte (delicious meat) and homemade chips-no prizes for guessing the dessert (Betty Crocker did it again)! We will also have a film night, and I think that mum will probably choose. It is her birthday, after all…


Hello all,

In ICT this year, we have a project to make, and regularly update, a website to do with Internet safety. We have been using a project called Microsoft Expression Web 4, which makes everything fairly simple (but still leaves in the feeling of programming). I prefer HTML coding, and I have been working on one of those in my spare time. I will post the link, but please don’t judge me. It was written for those in years 3-5, who attend my school.