It’s Friday…

Wow. I’m amazed that it is already Friday. The week seems to have gone by so quickly! We had a fun biology lesson today, dissecting flowers, and comparing insect distributed to animal distributed seeds, and how that changes the flower’s properties. We also had our first lunch with some of the high schoolers, which wasn’t as terrible as I had originally thought.

It is also mum’s birthday today, and Friday, which means Qofte (delicious meat) and homemade chips-no prizes for guessing the dessert (Betty Crocker did it again)! We will also have a film night, and I think that mum will probably choose. It is her birthday, after all…


2 thoughts on “It’s Friday…

  1. Hope you’re having a v good Mum’s birthday!! Delighted to hear from you after your busy week. Did you send this email to Pops, he’d be really pleased to hear you’ve been enjoying Biology.

    Have a good weekend,

    Lots of love


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