End of Term!

Halil Poker

Today was our final day of school, but we haven’t had proper lessons since Monday. We started out this morning at the instituti e re, and had the rehearsal for Christmas. It wasn’t bad, and we got to spend time away from school. When it was over, we went back to school. However, the seventh graders went out for Chinese spring rolls and bowling, and so that left the eighth graders and the sixth graders. Middle school was quite lonely as a result! It was our party this afternoon, and Halil and I got a chance to teach some of the sixth graders how to play ‘Halil Poker’. It is a really fun game, in which you bet cards, steal other people’s cards, and play rock-paper-scissors. Miss Leonard took this photo of us in play.

Tomorrow is the Christmas program, and then the holidays. Miss Knasel is going back to America, to finish University. This means that Mr Barbour (of last year’s science fame) will be coming to teach maths! For now, I plan to sleep excessively, and practice power napping…


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