New Year

Hello all,

Albania is a very different country to the one I grew up in. It has many “benefits”, such as foggy laws around the topic of explosives. A few weeks ago, I posted a photo of my new box of bangers. They have all gone on to a somewhat better place, and so I have had to buy new ones. Albania doesn’t yet celebrate Christmas in the same way that we do in England, or America. Instead, their main, if you like, celebration is for the new year. In the past six hours (time now, 16:30, time of awakening, 10:30) , I have jumped out of my skin countless times, people around our house ‘welcome in’ the new year (if I was the new year, I would sprint in the other direction, so as to avoid being blown up)!

This evening, at nine, we will be going downstairs to our landlord’s and landlady’s house, to a party that they’re hosting. However, before that, I hope to purchase and let off fireworks. On second thoughts, a few bangers wouldn’t go amiss either! I hope to remain in their house until midnight, because last year, when instead I went to bed at the normal time and woke up just before the fireworks began, I was very groggy and begged to go back to bed. It will also be freezing, according to BBC ( 0 degrees doesn’t exactly lend itself to the beach! However, I will try to film the explosive scenes this evening, while lighting roman candles at the same time. Last year, we put one into the ground the wrong way up. That was fun…


One thought on “New Year

  1. Hope all has worked as you hoped. Sounds like a banging-good time! Paul, Reena and Annika are now with us to help celebrate 2016. We’ll be joined by Judith, Hannah, Dominic and then Mary tomorrow, guess we’ll aim to Skype at some point, will be h good to see you. Did you get your phone?

    I do hope 2016 is a fantastic, amazing, brill, epic year for you. Lots of love — and hugs, Gran

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