Shrove Tuesday!


Hello all! Today is the day before lent, and if I were still at St Michael’s in Oxford, we would have been having the pancake races this afternoon. As it is, I go to GDQ in Albania, and so no such thing happened (*sigh*). However, Dad is currently beating eggs into a pulp and drowning them in flour, so some of the fun can be continued. I will be having sugar and lemon juice on my first one, and after that I shall experiment with various other combinations. But NEVER nutella. Nutella was not made to go on pancakes, it was made for bread. And it will stay there, if I have anything to do with it! Above is Dad (or at least part of him) making the delicacies…


One thought on “Shrove Tuesday!

  1. That looks great Jonathan or should I say your Dad looks great!

    Hope you enjoy your pancakes, sugar and all —

    Lots of love


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