Kosovo again!

On Monday and Tuesday, we do not have school. Tomorrow, we are going to Kosovo for the long weekend, and will be visiting our friends up there. For Saturday night, we will stay in the same house that we have done before, with the wood fires and such. It is in Peja. We will head further into Kosovo, to a place called Carmenica, to see other friends. We will return on Tuesday night to Tirana, in time for school to start again on the Monday.
Aside from this, we were given our parts in drama today for the play. The play is Zorro, or The Curse of Capistrana. I have been given the main character, Zorro. It is going to be a lot of fun! I get to duel with two of my classmates…


One thought on “Kosovo again!

  1. Hi Jonathan! This all sounds amazing — you may already have left which means you won’t get this until you’re home again, apologies. Enjoy having time away. I’d love to hear about the different places you’ll see. Lots of love and prayers, Gran

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