So, at the weekend, we went to Kosovo. It was great fun! It was my first time in Kamenicë, and the road that lead to it was very windy, and windy (both uses of the word)! We stopped just outside the capital for lunch, and we all ordered burgers. At Dan and Primrose’s house, I slept on the floor, with Amy and Sam. That have multiple consoles, so my evenings were spent being shown various games on the Xbox. They also had Just Dance, and so I found myself dancing to several old tunes!
We have had a three day week, but the weekend is welcome! On Wednesday, I aced my States test. We have the Capitals test on Monday, but I feel ready. Bring it on! Montgomery, Baton Rouge, Tallahassee…


One thought on “Kosovo!

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Very good to hear from you! What a great time you seem to have had in Kosova and then doing well at school —- maybe three day weeks would be good enough every week????

    I could do with you around when I struggle with crosswords and the names of US states. Tragically I often find myself singing (to myself of course) a pop song from ?1960’s called What did Dela/ware boys? It runs through lots of US states/cities etc. Can be helpful.

    I’m off to stay with Paul, Reena and Annika in Edinburgh next Saturday. Paul is flying out to Munich on the Sunday and Reena is doing her teaching practice so I’m needed to look after Annika. Reminds me of the many times I came to Oxford to look after you — or when you came to Salisbury to stay. It’s great being Gran!

    I suspect you’ll be busy secretly organising something for Amy for Tuesday, hard to believe she’s almost nine but then you’re not far off being ?????????????

    Guess I’d better go and make Pops a cuppa before he goes out with Copper to enjoy the blustery rain, it is England after all.

    Lots of love and prayers,


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