Today was a very fun day. The classes were all very light, and I have a moderate amount of homework, but it is fairly easy, creating PowerPoint slides for Bible and English. We did the traditional “egg drop”, which is pretty much self-explanatory! The goal is to protect your egg as much as possible, for when it is dropped out a second floor (third floor, if you’re counting the ground floor as one) window! Ours wouldn’t have broken, except for the fact that I had just enough skill to drop it directly onto the fence, where it was impaled. It was still great fun though, partly because we were all standing without umbrellas in the torrential rain. The picture was taken in Homeroom, where Albin and Jilles had done some beautiful artwork on the board (Mr Barbour’s line: Jilles, that is how to kill a marker!). I love Mr Tomlinson’s beard and hair!2016-03-23_16.09.27[1]

A couple of markers died during the making of this photo. GDQ accepts no liability for these, and places all legal blame on the person or persons involved in creating the above image.


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